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Fantasia Ceiling Fans

12"/30cm Drop Rod 27mm Diameter

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Weight:  1.0KGS




Drop rod with 27mm Diameter for use with:


Dimensions & Specifications

Click here for our MEASURING-UP GUIDE


 A = Diameter of blades, tip to tip
 B = Distance from ceiling to blades
 C = Overall depth of fan
 D = Diameter of ceiling fixing plate
 X = Depth of light fitting
 Y = Width of light fitting
 Light = Bulb(s) where applicable

 Ensure minimum 6" clearance from tip of all blades to any obstruction

 Ensure height from blades to floor is at least 7.5 ft


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD our full Product Specification sheet

 NB: Where two dimensions are given for B or C this means the fan is dual mount and can be fitted either flush to the ceiling or on the drop rod supplied. 

  Controller Bulb type & wattageMotor Rating (W)Cu Ft per Min (high)RPMWeight in kgFan Dimensions (mm) 
AeroRemoteLED 18w 2800k418000   9.58.514403203604017515010
AtlantaPull Cord1 x 60w SES (golf)60 2632051515.85.3760160/260280/380130 1305
BelairePull Cordn/a60 200135875.65.01070180225  1505
Belaire CombiPull Cord3 x 60w SES60 200135877.26.210701802251453601505
BladeRemoten/a604083148105726.14.51070205365  21010
BreezeRemote22w LED              
CapriPull Cordn/a454725200140855.44.8910160221  13010
Capri CombiPull Cord3 x 60w SES454725200140856.35.591016022112528013010
ClassicPull Cordn/a646165199127887.06.31320240/350325/370  13310
Commercial 36Wall Controln/a4550002712471455.24.5910470515  1482
Commercial 48Wall Controln/a6563002901891027.26.41220470151  1482
Commercial 56Wall Controln/a6868002952011057.76.91440470515  1482
Darwin 52"Remote15w LED655400209172977.96.31370170/25731838 13010
Darwin 44"Remote15w LED655400209172977.96.31070170/25731838 13010
GeminiPull Cord3 x 50w GU10454725200141897.26.310701902609026013010
IslanderWall Controln/a667600290268167  1420450515  15510
KompactPull CordLED 18w 4000k564280292249209  7001752909021513010
MayfairPull Cordn/a505216210140866.15.51070165240  15010
Mayfair CombiPull Cord3 x 60w G9505216210140867.46.2107016524010030015010
Neptune 54RemoteLED 20w 3000k7553002081408410.59.31320170/315230/375382481465
Neptune 44RemoteLED 20w 3000k7553002681929410.49.21120170/315230/375382481465
PalmPull Cordn/a6653732091499311.010.0132036043012026013010
Prima 52"RemoteLED 18w 3000k735358    10.0 9.01320220/320290/3904017015010
Prima 42"Remote LED 18w 3000k  735358    10.0  9.01070220/320290/3904017015010
RivieraPull Cordn/a755947   7.16.31320165/310240/370  13310
SiroccoRemote20w LED3571001501157510.98.4144021830822 14010
Spinnaker 40"Pull Cordn/a594306229276988.26.81020360430  13010
Spinnaker 52"Pull Cordn/a66429212080469.48.61320360430  13010
Tau 48"RemoteLED 10w GX53356750198100507.56.512703103106015313010
Tau II 48"RemoteLED Array 3000k356750198100507.56.5127031031060153130 10
Viper 44"Remote2 x 60w G992.4526227120311611.410.1112032042010021013310
Viper 54"Remote2 x 60w G9105.966121991408011.410.1137032042010021013310
ZetaRemoteLED 18w 2800k325387173125506.85.713202403005017518010


Low Energy Ceiling Fan Motors

These graphs show the energy consumption of a low energy DC-motor ceiling fan compared with a traditional AC-motor ceiling fan. The DC ceiling fan has 6 speeds whereas the AC fan has 3 speeds but even in high speed the DC fan only uses 30 watts of electricity, whilst still achieving the same RPM as the AC fan. 

The first graph shows the power consumption of the fan motor only.






This graph shows the difference in power consumption when a light is added to the ceiling fan. The DC motor chart shows the fan with a low energy LED light, whereas the AC motor chart shows the fan with a standard G9 light fitting. Each LED bulb is just 3.8w - a massive 94% energy saving on a 60w G9 bulb.



Q. What size fan do I need?
A. When choosing a ceiling fan it is important to remember that it is more relaxing and efficient to run a larger fan on a lower speed than a small fan on a higher speed. Fantasia Fans range from 28”/71cm to 56”/144cm in diameter to suit any installation. In order to generate air movement, it is very important that you have sufficient clearance from the tip of the blades to the slope of the ceiling or any other obstruction such as a beam. For larger rooms we recommend 2 or more fans. Should the room have above average heat conditions e.g. conservatory or south facing bedroom, then increase the fan size to the next size up. Rooms with ceilings higher than 8ft 2” (2.5m) will require a longer drop rod to lower the fan to a suitable level of operation. For a room with a standard 8ft ceiling, recommended sizes are as follows:

Room Size  =  Fan Size
8ft x 10ft  (2.43m x 3m)  =  28”/30” (71cm/76cm)
12ft x 12ft (3.65m x 3.65m)  =  36”/42” (91cm/107cm)
15ft x 12ft (4.57m x 3.65m)  =  42”/52” (107cm/132cm)
20ft x 14ft (6.1m x 4.27m)  =  52”/54”/56” (132cm/137cm/144cm)

Q. Will my ceiling fan keep me awake at night?
A. No, it really shouldn't. Fantasia Ceiling Fans run very quietly and, particularly on low speed, you should hardly notice it. Some competitors’ fans are noisy and wobble because they are made from lower quality materials. Fantasia fans run quietly and, even when fitted with a drop rod, are very stable.

Q. Can fans be installed on a very high or sloping ceiling?
A. Yes, our mounting systems are versatile so most fans can take a drop rod up to 72" / 183cm in length and the ball joint configuration allows for angles up to 20 degrees. A minimum of 6” must be allowed between the tip of the blade and the slope of the ceiling, or any other obstruction. The British Standards Institute recommends that the blades should be no less than 7ft 6” from the floor.

The Drop Rod length is determined by the ceiling height. The optimum height from the floor to the blade is between 7ft 6” and 9ft. Flush mounted fans will require a Conversion Kit to fit a drop rod. 

Click here for our MEASURING-UP GUIDE

Q. Is installation difficult?
A. A ceiling fan can be wired into an existing lighting circuit (two core and earth) and is a simple DIY job. We recommend that installation is carried out in accordance with National Electrical Codes. The fixing point for the ceiling fan must be strong enough to support 4 times the fan’s stationary weight. If you are in any doubt then consult a qualified electrician.

Q. Can I operate the fan and light independently?
A. Yes you can - we get asked this a lot - the fan and light have separate controls so the fan can be used when the light is off and visa versa.

Q. How do I operate the fan speeds?
A. Your Fantasia fan will be supplied with either a remote control, a stepped wall speed control or an integral pull switch with chain. The remote control consists of a handset and receiver unit. All our pull-cord operated fans can be upgraded to either wall control or remote control and this can be done at a later date if required. A wall mounted variable dimmer switch must not be used to adjust fan speeds.

Q. How do I operate the fan light?
A. If the fan has a light then this will be operated by either the remote control, a wall switch or a separate integral pull switch with chain. The fan and light can always be operated independently.

Q. What fan accessories might I need?
A. We offer a wide range of accessories to cater for every type of installation. Flush mounted fans can be converted to drop rod mount using a Conversion Kit and longer drop rods ranging from 12”/30cm to 72”/183cm are available for conservatory installations or rooms with high ceilings. A Big Strip Fastener can be useful when attaching a fan to a narrow beam or conservatory crossbar. Light Kits are available to fit to ceiling fans that come without a light as standard. We can even supply a ceiling fan Blade Duster!

Q. Are fans noisy and do they wobble?
A. Some competitors’ fans are noisy and wobble because they are made from inferior materials. Fantasia fan motors are larger, and are of silicon steel construction with double sealed bearings, ensuring long, quiet, reliable and maintenance-free operation. Fantasia fans move more air, run quietly and, even when fitted with a drop rod, are very stable.

Q. How much does a fan cost to run?
A. Fantasia fans run off the standard lighting circuit (5 amp) and are very economical to run. The winter setting on our fans re-circulates the warm air trapped at ceiling level, eliminating cold spots and draughts and distributing room heat without creating a cooling breeze. Used correctly, a ceiling fan can save as much as 10% on energy bills during the winter months.

Q. What is covered under the warranty?
A. Fans in the Elite Range and the Fantasia Range have a 10 year motor warranty during which time we will repair or replace defective product. Fans in the EuroFans Range have 5 year motor warranty. All remote control systems carry a 2 year warranty. Costs such as electricians’ fees, hiring of specialist equipment etc is specifically excluded. You must retain your proof of purchase.

Q. Does the fan require any maintenance or cleaning?
A. All Fantasia fans have permanently sealed bearings, double lacquered surfaces and do not required maintenance. An occasional light dusting with a soft cloth is all that is required although it is suggested that all fixings/screws are tightened annually. Do not use any liquids or polishers on any part of your ceiling fan as this may cause damage.

Q. Can I buy a light kit at a later date?
A. Most Fantasia fans are light adaptable and a light can be fitted at any time. The Blade is the only Fantasia fan which cannot be fitted with a light. Some fans come complete with an integral light which cannot be removed or changed – see the model specification for details. Wiring connection to the supply must be installed to our instructions – see our Wiring Diagrams section for more information. Lights are available in a wide selection of styles and finishes to complement almost any décor.

Q. Can I change the blades on my fan to a different colour?
A. All blades are interchangeable within one particular model e.g. a Stainless Steel Mayfair fan can be fitted with blades from any other Mayfair. Blades are often interchangeable between ranges as well e.g. a Gemini fan can take a Mayfair blade. To find out if you can change the blades on your particular fan or to request a blade sample please use the Contact form or call our Sales Office on 01959 564 440.

Small items such as switches, capacitors and other spare parts are sent via 1st Class Royal Mail and incur a £3.50 postage charge

Medium size items such as glass shades, light kits, sets of blades and other accessories are sent via 1st Class Royal Mail recorded delivery and incur a £7.50 postage charge

Ceiling fans are delivered free of charge to a UK Mainland address via DPD couriers

Our standard courier service is next working day for all orders received before midday. If you provide a mobile phone number at checkout then you will receive a one-hour delivery window on the morning of the delivery. If no one is available to take delivery from our couriers, a calling card will be left. If you do not contact the courier, one further delivery attempt will be made. If the courier is still unable to deliver then the goods will be returned to us. If you require re-delivery, we reserve the right to charge any additional shipping costs. 

UK Mainland excludes the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the following postcodes: AB31-38, AB40-56, IV1-28, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV36-49, IV51-56, IV63, KA27-28, KW1-14, KW15-17, PA20-38, PA41-49, PH4-44, PH49-50, HS, IM, JE, GY, ZE.


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