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FAQs and Mythbusters

Common Questions and Queries

Q. Do you offer an installation service?

A. No, we don't install fans, we just supply them. A fan installation is straightforward for a competent DIY-er but if you are in any doubt then you should consult a qualified electrician. Our fans and lights wire in to a standard lighting circuit, so if you are replacing an existing light fitting then no additional cabling is needed. 

Q. Will my ceiling fan keep me awake at night? 

A. No, it really shouldn't. Fantasia Ceiling Fans run very quietly and, particularly on low speed, you should hardly notice it. Some competitors’ fans are noisy and wobble because they are made from lower quality materials. Fantasia fan motors are larger, and are of silicon steel construction with double sealed bearings, ensuring long, quiet, reliable and maintenance-free operation. Fantasia fans move more air, run quietly and, even when fitted with a drop rod, are very stable.

Q. Can I operate the fan and light independently? 

A. Yes you can - we get asked this a lot - the fan and light have separate controls so the fan can be used when the light is off and visa versa.

Q. How do I operate the fan speeds? 

A. Your Fantasia fan will be supplied with either a remote control, a stepped wall speed control or an integral pull switch with chain. The remote control consists of a handset and receiver unit. All our pull-cord operated fans can be upgraded to either wall control or remote control and this can be done at a later date if required. A wall mounted variable dimmer switch must not be used to adjust fan speeds.

Q. How do I operate the fan light?

A. If the fan has a light then this will be operated by either the remote control, a wall switch or a separate integral pull switch with chain. The fan and light can always be operated independently.

Q. What fan accessories might I need? 

A. We offer a wide range of accessories to cater for every type of installation. Flush mounted fans can be converted to drop rod mount using a Conversion Kit and longer drop rods ranging from 12”/30cm to 72”/183cm are available for conservatory installations or rooms with high ceilings. A Big Strip Fastener can be useful when attaching a fan to a narrow beam or conservatory crossbar. Light Kits are available to fit to ceiling fans that come without a light as standard. We can even supply a ceiling fan Blade Duster!

Q. How much does a fan cost to run? 

A. Fantasia fans run off the standard lighting circuit (5 amp) and are very economical to run. The winter setting on our fans re-circulates the warm air trapped at ceiling level, eliminating cold spots and draughts and distributing room heat without creating a cooling breeze. Used correctly, a ceiling fan can save as much as 10% on energy bills during the winter months.

Q. What is covered under the warranty? 

A. Fans in the Elite Range and the Fantasia Range have a 10 year motor warranty during which time we will repair or replace defective product. Fans in the EuroFans Range have 5 year motor warranty. All remote control systems carry a 2 year warranty. Costs such as electricians’ fees, hiring of specialist equipment etc is specifically excluded. You must retain your proof of purchase.

Q. Does the fan require any maintenance or cleaning? 

A. All Fantasia fans have permanently sealed bearings, double lacquered surfaces and do not required maintenance. An occasional light dusting with a soft cloth is all that is required although it is suggested that all fixings/screws are tightened annually. Do not use any liquids or polishers on any part of your ceiling fan as this may cause damage.

Q. Can I buy a light kit at a later date? 

A. Most Fantasia fans are light adaptable and a light can be fitted at any time. The Blade is the only Fantasia fan which cannot be fitted with a light. Some fans come complete with an integral light which cannot be removed or changed – see the model specification for details. Wiring connection to the supply must be installed to our instructions – see our Wiring Diagrams section for more information. Lights are available in a wide selection of styles and finishes to complement almost any décor. See our Lighting section for more information.

Q. Can I change the blades on my fan to a different colour? 

A. All blades are interchangeable within one particular model e.g. a Stainless Steel Mayfair fan can be fitted with blades from any other Mayfair. Blades are often interchangeable between ranges as well e.g. a Gemini fan can take a Mayfair blade. To find out if you can change the blades on your particular fan or to request a blade sample please use the Contact form or call our Sales Office on 01959 564 440.