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Identifying Fan Models - Which model fan do I have?

When you contact our customer support for help with your fan, the first question we will ask is "Which model fan do you have?"

This is important because some fans have specific characteristics that are unique to that particular model. Before we can begin troubleshooting or offering advice on spare parts, we need to know the fan model. 

All our fans are identified by a model name, such as Mayfair, Capri or Aero.

The fan model name can be found on the front of the instruction manual. The model name will also be printed on a sticker on the top of the fan motor, along with a month and year of production.

Remote control systems are often specific to a particular fan and cannot be used on other models. A remote control system comprises of a handset / transmitter, and a receiver unit. The remote control receiver unit is the part that fits into the top canopy, where the fan attaches to the ceiling.

The handset may look the same, but the ratings on the remote control receiver unit can vary according to the fan model and its particular motor ratings. Depending on the age of the fan, the remote control receiver unit will sometimes also state the model name in the label.

If all else fails and you can't find the model reference anywhere, the best thing to do is take a photograph of the fan and email it to us at info@fantasiaceilingfans.com and we can identify the model for you.