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Installation Options

Flush Mount / Drop Mount / Dual Mount

It’s important to understand the different mounting options for different ceiling fans in our range. Your ceiling height or angle may dictate that you need a flush mount fan (no drop rod, ceiling fan fits flush to the ceiling) or a drop mount (ceiling fan hangs from a drop rod) installation. Some ceiling fans can only be flush mounted, some only drop mounted, others can be converted, either with the use of extra parts or with the use of parts in the box that come with the fan. This guide should help distinguish which fans be mounted in which ways.

Our mounting systems are versatile so most fans can take a drop rod up to 72" / 183cm in length and the ball joint configuration allows for angles up to 20 degrees. A minimum of 6” must be allowed between the tip of the blade and the slope of the ceiling, or any other obstruction. We recommend that the blades should be no less than 7ft 6” from the floor. The Drop Rod length is determined by the ceiling height. The optimum height from the floor to the blade is between 7ft 6” and 9ft. Flush mounted fans will require a Conversion Kit to fit a drop rod. See our Measuring Up Guide below for more information on selecting the correct drop rod.   

A ceiling fan can be wired into an existing lighting circuit (two core and earth) and is a simple DIY job. We recommend that installation is carried out in accordance with National Electrical Codes. The fixing point for the ceiling fan must be strong enough to support 10 times the fan’s stationary weight. If you are in any doubt then consult a qualified electrician.

Flush Mount Only

Can only be mounted flush to the ceiling: Zeta Fan

Flush Mount Standard

Fan comes flush mounted as standard but can be converted to drop mount with extra parts: Mayfair, Gemini, Capri,

How do I do it? To convert one of the above fans to drop mount you will need to order a conversion kit in the matching finish and also the required length of drop rod.

Conversion Kit

Drop Rods

Dual Mount

A dual mount fan can be installed flush mount or drop mounted using parts supplied in the box: Prima, Darwin, Classic, Kompact, Neptune, Belaire, Atlanta, Montana, Moreno, Blade, Breeze

How do I do it? All of the parts to fit the fan drop or flush mount are in the box. Just bear in mind that you may require a drop rod longer than the one that is supplied which is typically 150mm.

Drop Mount Only

Different length drop rods are available but there is no flush mount option for these ceiling fans: Aero, Tau, Islander, Orion, Spinnaker, Sirocco, Palm, Revolver, Cirrus, all Commercial fans

Drop Mount as Standard

These fans come drop mounted but can be converted to flush mounted using extra parts: Viper Plus

How do I do it? Order a Flush Mount Kit in the same finish as the ceiling fan. This kit includes a different canopy and fixing bracket to enable flush fitting.

Flush Mount Kit

Big Strip Fastener

A big strip fastener can be used to aid the fitting of any ceiling fan in a conservatory or to a beam. It allows for extra fixings into a ridge plate. Order one with your ceiling fan if getting a good fixing point may be an issue.