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Replacement Blade Sets

How to check if a new set of blades will fit your old fan

If your fan is still working well but the blades look a bit tired, it may be time for a refresh. Replacement blade sets are available for most fan models but certain measurements are important for ensuring that your new blades are a good fit. We need to make sure that the holes on the blade carrier, or holder, that attaches the blades to the fan, are the same distance apart as the holes on the new blades. If you have a traditional horseshoe-shaped blade carrier then there is one crucial dimension you need to measure - see the image below. 

On this style of blade the distance between these two holes needs to be 90mm in order for the new blades to fit. Unfortunately we no longer hold any stock of the very old 100mm blade sets. 

If you do no have this style of blade, then we will need to know which fan model you have in order to advise whether spare blades are available. The fan model name can be found on the front of the owners instruction manual and also on a sticker on the top of the fan motor itself. If this is not easily accessible you can always take a photo of you fan and email it to us and we can identify the model for you - info@fantasiaceilingfans.com