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Drop Rods

Our drop rods are available in a variety of lengths and two diameters. Please select 22mm or 27mm depending on your ceiling fan, as below. You can then choose the length and colour drop rod you require. See our measuring-up guide below for details on how to calculate the length of drop rod required. 

22mm diameter rods:
27mm diamter rods:
Viper/Viper Plus 

Calculating fan size and drop rod length

When choosing a ceiling fan it is important to remember that it is more relaxing and efficient to run a larger fan on a lower speed than a small fan on a higher speed. Fantasia Fans range from 28”/71cm to 56”/144cm in diameter to suit any installation. In order to generate air movement, it is very important that you have sufficient clearance from the tip of the blades to the slope of the ceiling or any other obstruction such as a beam. For larger rooms we recommend 2 or more fans. Should the room have above average heat conditions e.g. conservatory or south facing bedroom, then increase the fan size to the next size up. Rooms with ceilings higher than 8ft 2” (2.5m) will require a longer drop rod to lower the fan to a suitable level of operation. For a room with a standard 8ft ceiling, recommended sizes are as follows:

Room Size Fan Size

8ft x 10ft (2.43m x 3m) 28”/30” (71cm/76cm)

12ft x 12ft (3.65m x 3.65m) 36”/42” (91cm/107cm)

15ft x 12ft (4.57m x 3.65m) 42”/52” (107cm/132cm)

20ft x 14ft (6.1m x 4.27m) 52”/54”/56” (132cm/137cm/144cm)

Our mounting systems are versatile so most fans can take a drop rod up to 72" / 183cm in length and the ball joint configuration allows for angles up to 20 degrees. A minimum of 6” must be allowed between the tip of the blade and the slope of the ceiling, or any other obstruction. We recommend that the blades should be no less than 7ft 6” from the floor. The drop rod length is determined by the ceiling height. The optimum height from the floor to the blade is between 7ft 6” and 9ft. Flush mounted fans will require a Conversion Kit to fit a drop rod.

Flush Mount fans will also require a Conversion Kit in order to fit a drop rod