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Installing Multiple Remote Control Fans in One Location

How to code the fans individually for independent operation

NOTE: One handset and receiver is required per fan

When setting up multiple ceiling fans with a remote system, each fan in turn needs to be powered up, coded using the steps below, and then DISCONNECTED from the power supply BEFORE moving on to the next fan.

Coding the Remote System

1. Turn off the power to the fan/light

2. Within 60 secs of turning the power back on hold down the OFF button for 5 secs

3. The receiver will then lock in a new frequency and the light on the fan will flash twice (if a light is fitted)

4. The fan/light is now set on a unique frequency


If one handset is operating more than one fan then perform a factory reset on the remote systems on all affected fans.

Follow the same steps as above BUT on step 2 hold down the OFF button until you get a second double flash from the light on the fan. If there is no light fitted to the fan then hold down the off button for 20 seconds.

This will clear any coding and return the remote system to the factory default. You must then go through the coding procedure again in order to set the remote system to a new frequency code.