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Removing a Glass Light Shade

Removing glass shades from Fantasia Ceiling fans for cleaning or bulb replacement.

A number of Fantasia ceiling fans have glass shades included. These can become a little harder to remove if they have been in place for 5 years or more. Below you will find some tips to aid shade removal.

We recommend you use protective eyewear when removing ceiling fan shades and Fantasia Dist Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from the use of this information.

Ensure power has been isolated for at least 2 hours before touching the ceiling fan. Glass shades can become very hot after prolonged use.

Shade Removal

The shade should twist anti-clockwise on a screw thread to release it.

A few tips:

  1. Make sure the motor housing is not twisting with the glass shade as this will cause the wires to twist

  2. A pair of rubber glove can give you added purchase on the glass

  3. As a last resort a very small amount of WD40 sprayed at the edge of the glass shade, where it meets the fitter, may help.

Specific fans tips:

Viper and Viper Plus 44” & 54”

It can be helpful to have a second person hold the upper motor housing (above the fan blades) to ensure the whole unit does not spin while trying to remove the light shade.

Emotion 44” & 54”

The Emotion shade is delicate and is held within the plastic shade ring just above it. The ring will tune anti clockwise and release. Ensure the glass shade is fully supported while turning the plastic ring.

Replacement glass light shades for Fantasia ceiling fans can be found in the spare section of our website – https://fantasiaceilingfans.com/spares