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Troubleshooting a Noisy Remote Control Operated Fan

If the noisy fan is fitted with a remote control system then we need to first establish whether this could be causing the noise. 

It is important to note that even noises that sound like they are purely mechanical can be produced by a faulty remote-control receiver. The receiver unit is located in the top canopy where the fan attaches to the ceiling. If you are experiencing humming or buzzing noise from the fan on one or all speeds then the receiver may be at fault. A component failure in the receiver unit can send an 'unclean' signal to the fan motor, which can in turn cause the motor to make a humming or buzzing noise on one or more speeds.

The best test in this circumstance is to remove the remote control receiver and wire the ceiling fan direct. This means that the live for the fan and light (brown & orange) are connected directly to the live supply, neutral from the fan (blue) is connected to household neutral. Earth remains connected. If the fan also has pull cords then when the power is restored you should regain control of the fan via the pull switches. If the fan only has a remote control then when power is restored the fan light should come on full at brightness and the fan should be spinning in high speed.

If this happens without the previously experienced motor noise then it is the receiver that is at fault and needs replacing. Note that remote control systems carry a 2yr limited warranty against defects.

Replacement remote controls are available to purchase in the Fan Accessories section of our shop. You will need to know your fan model name. 

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If you are still experiencing noise from the ceiling fan with the receiver removed then switch the reverse switch to the opposite direction. If the switch feels flimsy or you are only getting the noise in one direction then you may also need to replace the reverse switch. 

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Sometimes a reverberation from the motor via the joist or ceiling void above can cause a noise. Our high density foam can resolve this problem. Just place the foam between your ceiling and the fan hanger bracket or mounting plate. 

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